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An example of constellation artwork within Stellarium, from the Maya culture

The Idea

Blackfoot Skies Project is going to be a collaborative work between Telus Spark, Rob Cardinal, Brendon Many Bears and Joey Big Snake.

This project will be about creating art for the open-source program Stellarium, a planetarium application that allows users to see the skies in 3d as they would by eye, binoculars or telescope. IN the application itself, you can see constellations and even how different cultures interpret the constellations (art and stories). My part of the project will gathering Blackfoot stories from authentic sources to create art for the application, we are expecting to start off with 8 first and then add on as we go.

After visiting Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, we decided to create the works in the style of Blackfoot tipi designs and possibly using the colors the that would be available at the time as well.

So far we have around 8 stories for context and we know which 8 we will be working on.


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