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TIPI_LOOPS.dreamwaves &

collaborating artists:

Brendon Many Bears

Kaitlyn Purcell

Update: Apr. 7, 2022

Since then, a lot more has happened in engaging with our exhibition. Me and the collaborating artists were able to speak on the work publicly a couple times.

Kaitlyn and I got to speak on CJSW for a segment on the exhibition.

We had an artist-talk/pop-up shop at the Esker Gallery.

In the discussions we essentially gave some insight into how our affiliation came to be, ideas inside the works themselves, the collaborative effort and more. In the artist-talk though, we were able to answer questions that delved more into the deeper questions on the exhibition and our own artistic processes.





TIPI_LOOPS.dreamwaves &

Joey Big Snake, Jeremy Bobosky,  Kaitlyn Purcell, Laurencine Saddleback

video installations



TIPI_LOOPS.dreamwaves & TIPI_LOOPS.journal.entry.ourplace are video installation works part of a larger collaboration exploring ideas of urban indigenous existence and the individual within relation to place. The works are displayed on two 65" screens with headphones on each monitor. The visuals are made from a collection of clips curated by Kaitlyn Purcell and her students at UCalgary, of familiar and key locations. These videos are in a vertical format with each having it's own visual representations. The audio consists of a poem by Kaitlyn Purcell (dreamwaves) and a journal entry by Jeremy Bobosky (journal.entry.ourplace), mixed with sounds that were recorded from Alberta nature and urban outdoors. The audio-visual experience leads the viewer inside concepts of Indigenous identity and living, we consider what is and where is 'our place'. The works came together as a reflection by Kaitlyn Purcell, Brendon Many Bears and Joey Big Snake on themes from the fall 2021 exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting, with contributions to their work from UCalgary students Jeremy Bobosky, Maci Jordan and Laurencine Saddleback—completing this constellation.

The viewer is one-on-one with what they hear and what they see on each monitor. The monitors are spread apart in a way where you're only experiencing one work each at a time. The visuals are made with the intent of replicating the build of the tipi, mainly the vertical structure that exists on tipi designs. From the bottom of the tipi that is land/water, to the top that has the constellations Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper, it is shown on the two screens as a short loop. Each monitor has an audio track that to contemplates indigenous place-thought/ How we can regain connection back to the world as the new generation of indigenous peoples. The fight of identity and the struggle to belong.

At Telus Spark's indigenous evening event, Elder Diana Melting Tallow said "Blackfoot's were considered the phantoms of the plains, once you turned and had a chance to look back, we were already gone." She was discussing this in relation to home (Treaty 7 & Blackfoot Confederacy Territory), our home was everywhere on the plains and we moved freely. Ever since I heard this, it has always stuck with me. My work in TIPI_LOOPS is me reconciling these thoughts of home and where I exist in this place.

This work has become possible because of collaborators and contributors Jeremy Bobosky, Maci Jordan, Brendon Many Bears, Kaitlyn Purcell, Laurencine Saddleback and the great people at Esker Foundation. It will active at the Esker from January 21 2022, until April 15, 2022. There will be an artist talk about the collaboration with all involved mid March.


Melting Tallow, Diana. Bloods/Blackfoot Territory. Treaty 7. Telus Spark "An Evening of Indigenous Science"                                                Event. 26 Aug. 2021.


3rd Iteration

video installations


This time around, I'm mostly much finished. I ended up fixing the videos so that my loop starts and ends without interruption. I upped the audio so that some of my mixing doesn't get lost to the low volume. Lastly I flipped the video horizontal for the monitors.

This part has mostly just involved the installation space. We were looking at what would be best for fonts and colors. Here are some that we were looking at. In the end we went with a subtle font and lighter blue color. It will put in some wooden covers that will be around the monitors, with the Dreamweaver poem throughout the whole cover.

I feel good when saying that I'm 85-90% percent done now. I'm just waiting on the vinyl feature lines with the poem now and that will my finished product.


2nd Iteration

video installations

For the 2nd iteration, I made a longer audio mix that is integrated into the video loop. I also expanded the work to 2 video installations. The audio is provided by Jeremy Bobosky (...ourplace) and Kaitlyn Purcell (...dremwaves).

As I got deeper into the work process of making the videos and audio, it felt like the main idea of the tipi transcended into ideas about indigenous place, home, identity. Where we find ourselves in the new world and how we connect to it as anew generation of indigenous people.

Although a lot of progress has been made, there is still some final touches that I need to work on which will be my final iteration of this project. Mainly presentation stuff in the installation and audio that needs to fixed and adjusted.


1st Iteration

TIPI LOOPS *unfinished
video installation

My first project for 301. It is also a part of a larger collaborative work that will be at the Esker Foundation.

A video loop of moments that were recorded in nature. Tipi blueprints and schematics are blended together with the video.

The aim is to bring forth ideas of the tipi, it's circular nature and what each part of the tipi represents.

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