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STAR PUSHER [ver. 1]

Joey Big Snake

dual projection work

April 2022


This project was mainly inspired from the Blackfoot Skies Project. A two projector work that overlays projections atop each other. A speaker plays the audio out loud for a round group of viewers.

STAR PUSHER is a work that invites the viewer to listen to it's story. Sit and watch below into the reflection of the stars.  A story that is a fragment of a larger work. The story is the Blackfoot creation story and the aim is to change ways of seeing through storytelling. The many connections that is drawn from oral histories when dipping from what seems like fiction and reality.

When we face the work, we rethink storytelling, drawing from other religions especially in the context of listening to a creation story. How interconnected story itself is to the way of life, the Blackfoot way of storytelling.

The story is itself was told to me during a private talk with Brendon Many Bears and Sheldon First Rider. What I am doing in telling a extremely shortened version of the story will never do the full 4-5 days of learning the story through ceremony, justice.


First Rider, Sheldon. Bloods/Blackfoot Territory. Treaty 7. 3 Mar. 2022.

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